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    Improving animal insemination for the breeding process

    Our expertise at the service of breeders

    Ever since IMV Technologies was founded, its business has continued to grow and diversify. Today, that expertise covers all of the needs of breeders and includes the following four fields: 

    Gamete Packaging

    IMV Technologies designs, manufactures and markets all packaging products its customers require. The company's expertise spans capabilities in plastics (for manufacturing consumable products), mechanics, micromechanics, automation control (to develop equipment for packaging) and biochemistry (for developing preservation mediums).


    Thanks to IMV Technologies' expertise in the field of cryopreservation at -196°C, breeders now have access to identifiable genetic products throughout their projects. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, these products are adapted to the characteristics of each species and to all semen producing centers, regardless of size.

    Artificial insemination

    By combining scientific and industrial skills, IMV Technologies uses innovative artificial insemination techniques on many species, from farm animals to domestic animals. The company's expertise is also in use in wild animal species, contributing to animal biodiversity.

    Embryo transfer

    IMV Technologies has a worldwide reputation for mastery of embryo transfer techniques.

    Through research, advice and training, the company supports breeders by enabling them to renew their stock faster, making genetic changes easier, in order to produce high-quality animals.


    IMV is the world's leading supplier in the field of artificial insemination of cattle.

    Specializing in cattle for almost 50 years, the company works in close collaboration with all those involved in the fiels, including in research, the development of new products and technical support. With the company's technology, hundreds of millions of doses of bull sperm are used around the world every year.

    The french straw is a worldwide standard

    As the inventor of the straw, the worldwide standard for packaging cattle semen and other species, IMV Technologies develops all the equipment needed for use under optimum conditions.

    IMV support at every stage

    In order to obtain superior results, the entire process of insemination is supported by advanced equipment. From semen collection to analysis, packaging, freezing, and fertilization, IMV Technologies offers a wide range of solutions to enable cattle breeders to improve the quality of sperm, thereby achieving maximum fertility rates.


    More than 30% of all pig breeders in the world use IMV Technologies’ insemination solutions.

    Since their introduction in the 1990s, IMV Technologies’ swine solutions have ranked at the top of technology, and have been used around the world.

    Products have become standard

    To meet the demands of pig breeders, IMV Technologies has designed a complete range of specialized solutions. The solutions, which make it possible to improve the efficiency and profitability of breeding methods, ensure the optimum treatment of gametes in the form of sperm or embryos. Among the products, the Goldenpig? insemination catheter, TRIXcell? preservation medium and a range of packaging bags have become standards around the world.

    Professionals to professionals

    IMV Technologies works with insemination centers that specialize in pig breeding all over the world. The company provides complete support by implementing the most advanced reproduction technology and offering products designed to improve performance.


    Every year, more than 250,000 mares are fertilized using our the company's technology.

    For more than 25 years, IMV Technologies has worked with horse breeders. The company's presence in Normandy, a major center of stud farms, allows close involvement in daily breeder operations.

    High-quality innovative solutions

    In collaboration with many researchers and organizations (INRA, veterinary schools, universities, and French National Studs), IMV Technologies has designed solutions that have been welcomed by horse breeders for their novelty and quality. Heading the list of these products is INRA 96?, a medium used all over the world for the long-term preservation of fresh semen.

    Support for horse breeders

    The IMV team stands ready to assist horse breeders from start to finish on all of their projects, including training in the latest semen preservation techniques. In partnership with INRA and a number of dairy companies, IMV has initiated a project designed to extract the active proteins of colostrum and use it to strengthen immunity in foals.


    Poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits and other species also benefit from IMV's expertise, and the company continues to explore new ways to develop technology designed to offer innovative solutions.

    In order to expand the range of its services and provide all breeders with field-tested expertise and techniques, IMV Technologies has developed a complete range of solutions for many other species.


    Using a range of specific products, IMV contributes to the successful breeding of many species of birds, including turkeys, ducks, hens, guinea fowl, pheasants, falcons and bustards. The IMV technique has become standard in turkey breeding and is used by the largest turkey farms around the world.

    Rabbit, sheep and goats

    Thanks to the experience acquired with other species, IMV Technologies has developed products for rabbit, sheep and goats, helping farmers by providing long-term sperm preservation media like Galap (for rabbit) and OVIXcell? (for sheep and goats).


    IMV also offers services to fish farms, particularly trout and salmon farms.


    Genetic heritage and wildlife preservation

    IMV Technologies committed to preservation of biodiversity.

    Using the experience gathered from various business activities, IMV Technologies is developing technology specially designed to build gamete banks to preserve the genetic heritage of various species, some of which are threatened with extinction.

    Learning from nature

    Biodiversity conservation is a subject of which IMV has a particular interest. Moreover the study of genes or certain combinations of genes may be very useful in understanding processes that are not fully comprehended today, such as resistance to disease and stress, adaptation to changing environments and identification of unknown mechanisms.

    Conservation of species

    The responsibility to protect genetic heritage requires proven scientific know-how. IMV Technologies is involved in several research programs, including  the conservation of serum and semen from certain strains of cattle, as well as semen from oyster, microalgae, fish varieties, falcon, Siberian crane and wild animals in a South African national park. This also includes conservation of endangered species, such as the Ethiopian wolf.

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